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For procurement of external consultant for implementation of training on Rural marketing under the project “P9230 Empowerment of women, Precondition for Reconciliation in BIH””
I. Background
Vive Žene- Centre for Therapy and Rehabilitation invites interested persons for submitting offer for temporary position external consultant for implementation of training on Rural marketing.

Vive Žene -Centre for Therapy and Rehabilitation Tuzla, since March 2020, started with implementation of the project “Empowerment of Women, is a Precondition for Reconciliation in BiH” financially supported by the We Effect.
The project „Empowerment of Women, is a Precondition for Reconciliation in BiH” focuses primarily on women survivors of war, living in ethnically divided communities in order to establish trust, respect and communication among them, as a precondition for reconciliation.
II. Objective of the assignment
This training intends to put in place a process that would empower women farmers to be able to respond positively to the accelerating changes in the agricultural marketing by creating enabling conditions and support for production systems diversification, increased farm productivity, improved product quality and realization of value addition opportunities.
Implementation of two-day Training of rural marketing and presentation of product at small Fair in period 01. – 3.10.2021.
External consultant should:
Prepare and implement presentations on topics:
-Nature of rural marketing
– Factor affecting rural marketing
– Characteristics of an Ideal Rural Marketing System
– Difference between Rural Marketing and Marketing of Manufactured goods
–Potential of Rural Markets
– Rural market Environment
Evaluation of training
Wrote report on conducted training. In period (04.10.-10.10.2021)
Training will be organised for women, representatives of women’s associations from North-East BIH.
Training should be participatory with theoretical inputs, discussion, work in small groups and exchange.
Working timeframe:
Preparation of training – 1 day 27. September
Implementation of training – 3 days (1.10. -3.10.)
Reporting period – 1 day 10.10.
In total 5 days.
This activity is part of Project activity 1.2.4. Worksop on gender equality, leadership, social inclusion.
III. Duty travel & accommodation
Training will be organised in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Vive Zene will pay additional cost of travel and accommodation to the consultant upon calculated kilometres. Hotel will be organised by Vive Zene.
IV. Coordination & reporting
Contact person for the implementation of activity will be Mima Dahic, coordinator. Her role will be to monitor the process. Engaged consultant after implemented activity with report has to submit the following documents: power presentations in pdf, other used material in training, evaluation report of conducted training.
V. Qualification requirements
– The Agricultural Marketing Expert should be MBA in Marketing/ MBA in Agribusiness / Post graduate Diploma in Agribusiness from a recognized University.
– Should have 3 years experience in marketing, preferably in agricultural marketing
– Candidates having the experience of working in a agriculture aided project will be preferred.
– Candidates having experience with working women, small led farmers, has additional advantage.
VI. Application procedure:
– The deadline for submission is 25th of September 2021
– Applicants should submit the following by email to: vivezene@bih.net.ba
– Specific document which should be submitted: offer including the financial plan and CV. Costs should be specified by external consultant.
– Declaration of relationship with Vive Zene or with staff of Vive Zene.
– Financial offer and details on what it should contain fee per hour, divided on preparation, training implantation and reporting.
– For any additional information you can contact Vive Zene through mail mima@vivezene.ba
VII. Evaluation of the offers
Vive Zene will form evaluation committee consisted by three persons where the best offer will be chosen.
Best value for money principle will be taken into account by using a weighted scoring method to evaluate the combination of the applicants’ qualification (60%) and financial proposal (40%).
1. Technical evaluation (60points):
The technical evaluation of the received offers will consist of: [List criteria upon which the technical evaluation will be assessed and graded. Have in mind that they should be the same or closely connected to the qualifications set forth in section V. Qualification requirements]
• Evaluation of professional experience (relevance of 40points)
o Number of years of experience of work with farmers from rural areas (10points)
o Number of projects/assignments implemented in the field of marketing of rural products within the past 10 years (40points)
• Evaluation of proposed methodology and approach (relevance of 10 points):
Only the candidates which will reach the threshold of 60 % (min 48 points out of 100 points) of the technical qualification will be considered for the financial evaluation.
2. Financial evaluation (40points)
The evaluation of the financial offers will be conducted in the following manner:
• The offer with the lowest price shall receive the total of 40 points
• The other offers with higher prices shall receive the respective score according to the following formula: 40* (Lowest Price / Proposed Price).
VIII. Terms of payment
Engaged consultant will be contracted with temporary act contract. Payment will be in two instalments: one prior the training in amount of 30% of agreed amount and 70 % after submitted report.
IX. Declaration of relationships
The Applicant shall describe if their organization/employees have any business or personal relationships with closely associated party from Vive Zene, its governing bodies and employees or with similar bodies/persons of the Vive zene.
Closely associated party (persons, physical or legal) as per We Effect’s definition is considered person who has the possibility to exert control over, or significant influence on, the other person when it comes to financial and operative decision-making concerning an activity. The purpose of the Declaration is to disclose such information which makes the application and evaluation process more transparent and supports the bids in its relevance according to conditions on the open market.

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