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Today’s visitor post is from Rafiqua, a South African inside her very very early twenties teaching English in Southern Korea where she came across her camera-shy boyfriend Peter whom is actually a neighborhood! Rafiqua made a decision to submit a visitor post to my web log currently talking about how her relationship to an area changed her view of Korea. I will actually relate solely to just exactly exactly what she actually is saying since I types of have the in an identical way! After I knew more about it before I met Jeongsu, I had no idea about Korea but fell in love with this beautiful country!

Rafiqua and her boyfriend Peter

“once I arrived to show English in Southern Korea in February 2013, I had no concept that I’d love the culture a great deal that in under per year I’d be delighted plus in love with a Korean man who was simply residing an hour or so far from my little seaside city.

Fast ahead couple of years and things are a lot more exciting than we ever expected them will be. Dating someone you“blend in” and experience the place with local eyes from you‘host’ country lets.

In the place of having the area, foreigner / tourist experience, you probably have the experience that is authentic a large amount of expats long to have.

Shopping and Food

Trips to your market had been no further about “seeing Asian culture”, but rather turned into feeling an element of the Asian tradition. Saturday activities now included once you understand which ajjuma (old Korean lady) offered the wheat noodles that are best and once you understand which road shops must be checked out to get the very best value for the money produce. Consuming down was no much much longer limited by restaurants which have pictures and random English translations to greatly help the expat foreigner that is hungry. Rather meals became an adventure, and discovering where in fact the most useful road meals vendors offering the essential delicious tteokbokkie (rice cakes in chilli sauce) or sweet treats such as for example waffles on a stick became the best treasure discovers.

Rafiqua and Peter are this kind of couple that is cute!

Traveling around Korea

Traveling around Korea together with your Korean boyfriend additionally allows you go through most of the enjoyable without passing up on anything. On a single weekend that is long we made a decision to drive couple of hours south of my town to Goeje. From Goeje we wished to purchase two ferry tickets to check out a small, privately owned area called Wedo. It is possible to just image our devastation as soon as we trzeЕєwe serwisy randkowe arrived at 10am just to find out all ferry seats for the following 2 days had been completely offered away! Myself or a group of expat friends, we would have accepted our ill fate and found something else to do if it was just. Nonetheless having A korean boyfriend who can talk the language, acted as my Korean prince and begged the ticketing office lady to allow us hold out and get any seats that have been eleventh hour cancellations. Well fortune was at our benefit and an hour or so later we had two tickets that are ferry our hand! Unless you can speak the language, these kinds of opportunities are just not possible for non Korean speakers as you can only imagine.

Vacationing along with her boyfriend is just a great passion of rafiqua’s!

I viewed Korean couples as cheesy when I first came to Korea. Things such as for instance few garments, selfie sticks, and celebrating cheesy 100 time anniversaries made me concerns whom these folks had been, and exactly why these were this kind of need that is desperate of their love because of their significant other. 2 yrs later on and I also have grown to be ‘one of them’. We wear my few tees, flash my selfie stick and celebrate my 100, 200 and 300 times with pride! We not any longer view these token of affection as cheesy, and rather get it done as showing simply how much I like having a boyfriend that is korean Korea!

Rafiqua and Peter putting on a costume for Halloween!

Having a boyfriend that is korean had the oppertunity to essentially dig deep into Korean tradition and also feel the real, authentic form of it. My Korean boyfriend has acted since the website link between me personally and them, making my experience here that far better. Along with his assistance, i have already been in a position to have a huge amount of awesome experiences that are‘local’ and possess not at all times had to feel just another ESL training expat.

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Concerning the writer: Rafiqua is just a South African woman in her twenties residing and dealing in Southern Korea since 2013 where she came across her Korean boyfriend Peter. She really really really loves culture that is korean food and traveling! Her goals that are future to see each of Asia because of enough time we get back house or go onto my next adventure! That knows the thing I is going to be doing one 12 months from now!

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